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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Music and Local Spicy Sri Lankan Munchies

Today I'm hanging at the Thomas Gall School. Christmas break comes in two days so there isn't much to do in the classrooms, and the kids are buzzing with excitement knowing that a vacation is on the way. Today I played some music for the kids....there were a few songs that I could think of that were able to be acted out or for them to sing along with. We played Ain't No Mountain High, Proud Mary, For What It's Worth, Leaving on a Jet Plane, and You Are My Sunshine.

After singing I walked to town for something to eat. I ended up at a little bakery and though I'd just planned to get food to go ,I was hot and hungry, so I sat down for some hot tea and a sweet roll. Again, locals only...a fair bit of stares. A young boy struck up. Conversation with me and then the owner joined in. We talked about Sri Lanka, America, the British, and for the locals love of sugar....lots and lots of sugar. When I went to pay for my take away goodies (a fish bun, a roti wrap, another roti creation of sorts ,and a shortie), I saw a bunch of locals sipping a bright red drink. I inquired what it was and the owner said OH you MUST try!!!! A local drink indeed. The beverage is called "Saruwath" and it's a mixture of rose water, chia seeds ("kasa ata"), lots and lots of sugar, water and a bit of ice. It's kind of considered a local "Gatorade" of sorts, replenishing the body so you can go back to work. That much sugar would make anyone do backflips, and because I'm not doing any back-breaking work in the blistering heat like the locals, my body didn't quite need the super charged chia seeds and heaps of sugar. The rose water made it taste a bit like cough syrup, but all in all I'm just glad that I tried it and made some new friends. The owner insisted that I come back again tomorrow for some tea and conversation , and to try a few other local treats.

The walk home seemed to take half the time the walk there did, perhaps it was my "Saruwath". Now I'm back at the school and crashing hard as I come off of my sugar high!

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