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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Recap: Food with Friends

Food food food and more food with friends friends and more friends. Sunday night brad and Rochelle made mom and me an outstanding pork dinner.....pork loin with roasted squash and potatoes, with a delicious au jus....washed down with champagne, obviously, and then topped off with homemade caramels dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt. Boom.

Monday night Jim and Eileen bourgeois took mom and me to Red Sky Cafe for some kickass mexican, and all agreed that I won-- the shrimp and scallop fajitas were unbelievably delicious! It was great to hang out and catch up, and to enjoy some bubbles and beer along with chips and salsa.

Tuesday afternoon my friend and fellow yogi Becky took me to Jon and Pattys for a delicious veggie burger (really though, there constantly-changing veggie burger is outta this world!). And then Tuesday night I was fed by the culinary extraordinaire, Bill Young, and his beautiful sous chef (and girlfriend) Megan. He did a roasted pork loin stuffed with cornbread, roasted garlic, sage, and apples. He served the pork with roasted fennel and parsnips, and with homemade mashed potatoes that had fresh horseradish root grated into it!! Boom friggin' Boom. And the surprising treat was the gravy. I hate gravy....actually, I loathe gravy. It makes me gag. I don't know why, but I've just always despised it. Anywho, I'm finally starting to come around a bit, and the gravy that bill made is officially responsible for making me a gravy-loving convert. John and Bridget were also there to enjoy the delicious meal, and we sipped on cider and bourbon, Chablis, and an aged stout.

Last night ( Wednesday ) was a super fun evening of yoga, followed up by brews and bar food at the tried and true Tilton with the whole crew....Nicole, pammy, Erika, paisley, Brandon, and Jason.

Tonight is crossfit, dinner with my darling Rob, and then I'm giving a massage. The evening will end at the Dead Dog Saloon for some chips and beer. Damn, I'm gonna miss this town, these friends, and all this good food when I'm gone.... Thanks to everyone who has been feeding me this week!!!

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