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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Recap: Ray LaMontagne and Montclair

G and Me @ Wellmont.
The tiny stage.
Kara Kim and Me...College Roomies.
My Care Basket.
Lunch at Porto Alegre was outstanding.
I have been a bit behind with all of my rambling due to my scrambling to get ready. So, going back in time....

My bestest friend from college, Gina, bought us tickets to see Ray LaMontagne ACOUSTIC show @ the beautiful and intimate Wellmont Theatre in Montclair. Of course we ate at our favorite, Greek Delights, before the show. Greek Delights is the best, most authentic Greek food that you will get on the east coast, the only problem is that you smell like you bathed in garlic after eating here. The Wellmont is a suppppper old, very tiny unfortunately for those around us, they too got to enjoy a bit of Greek Delights.....

The show was outstanding. Rays piercing, raspy, wholesome voice cut right through you and down to your very soul. After the concert we headed to Just Jakes to meet up with my old college roomies Kara and Kim. We laughed over all the fun we had in college, and reminisced over all of the great dinner parties and festivities that I was always throwing down.

Later that night when we got back to Gina's, she had put together a basket for me of towels, soaps, and such. She is truly the most thoughtful person I know. The next morning we sipped coffee and enjoyed an early lunch at a new Brazilian bistro in town. A short, but much needed trip to my old stomping grounds...

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