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Monday, October 1, 2012

Tall, Dark and Handsome.

I wake up early, no matter where I am. And so does Kelsea. We had cuddled in her bed so after spending a few minutes whispering we decided to head out for chai and let the youngn's sleep. She took the long way to the cafe so that I could see a bit of Summit. We stopped by the lake to take in the breathtaking morning views. It was a bit colder than I would have liked, but it was so beautiful that I didn't mind. We arrived at Blue Moon Cafe and sipped Bhakti Chai, and we chatted. And chatted. I have known Kelsea for decades, but haven't ever really known her. Well our morning was beautiful, and insightful, and what I needed. It's been fun laughing and adventuring and eating and drinking, but there is some heavy, deep, fucked up sadness that I have been pushing down - and Kelsea allowed me the time to let it all out. We talked about Dad a lot - she has spent a fair bit of time on the beach and in the boat with him, and she had just flown out to Jersey for his services. I talked about how I can't imagine ever getting over it, and that I'm okay with that. I miss him, and I think that I'll miss him every day of forever. We laughed with tears in our eyes, cried at times, and just spent some time digesting 'life'. Bellys full of Chai, we wiped our eyes and we headed back to the house to wake up Paige and Ry so we could start our day of fun.

The town of Dillon, in Summit. A crisp, cold morning in the mountains. 
All you need in life is a few good friends...

Always being the best hostess, we took the long way to Breckenridge so that we could take in even MORE unbelievable views. Kelsea, like Emily (and Ry and Paige), have been pretty aggressively trying to convince me to move out west. Love, love, love, love, love Colorado....but hate hate hate the motherfucking cold. But it's flattering, so thank you. At the top of this path there was a ton of wildlife, which was entertaining to watch. Life is beautiful. 

I couldn't quite capture it, but there were about a hundred chipmunks, two dozen squirrels, and an insane amount of BlueJays...all running and fluttering around. Too cute. 
Oatmeal Stout is my favorite of Brek's Brews...and go figure, they describe it as TALL DARK AND kinda man. Boom.

...And so we made it to Breckenridge, and made our way right into Breckinridge Brewery!! I was in the market for some Oatmeal Stout - they make the best.ever. We ate burgers and drank beer until we had food babies, and then we walked it off as we strolled and bopped through town. Once we got home Ry and Paige napped, and Kels and I cracked out on the couch and watched AVATAR!! It was nice to just relax and not "do" anything. We said our goodbyes and then we were off, headed back to Boulder. 

Last nights Harvest Moon was the most beautiful moon that I have seen in all of my years. It seemed so close that you could reach out and touch it. This photo does it NO justice....
The sun went down just as we were pulling back into town, and as the darkness took over you could do nothing but be mesmerized by the nights Harvest Moon. It was just unbelievable. No picture, especially one taken on my iPhone, would do this majestic moon justice. I think it made us all feel a bit of something, because none of us talked - and then we pulled over to take it in. We rebel yelled at it, and then got back in the car and were off.

Had a mellow, nourishing night of vegetable Pho and conversation with Emily and a great nights sleep. Day 5, here I come...

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