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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Salmon for Two.

Salmon, orange, lemon, salt, pepper, honey.
After yesterday's class, I had a massage with Lou...who has become one of my favorite clients. He just came back from fishing in upstate New York and he brought me some of his catch, fresh salmon. Because you can't catch salmon in the back bays of Strathmere, I have never really eaten it. Occasionally when in the northwest ill get it, but never here...only local and fresh for me. So I was excited to take on a new fish for mom and my dinner and I came up with a simple recipe so I wouldn't fuck it up.

2 salmon filets
One orange
One lemon

1. I marinated the filets in the juice of the orange and lemon, reserving a slice of each for the grill (presentation is everything). Salt and pepper.

2. I had the grill on a medium heat, gave it a rub down with coconut oil (which holds up to high heat, unlike EVOO). Then I place the filets on the grill and drizzled them with honey. Close the lid, cook for about 5 minutes.

3. Flip the fish, drizzle with a touch of honey, and cook for 5min more (with the lid closed). Also, throw your citrus slices on the grill.

I had quinoa in the fridge so I heated that up and then served the fish alongside sautéed spinach, string beans, carrots and shallots. Delicious.

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