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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pre-Vacation Staycation Continued...

Mom and her Spicy Korean Soup.

And so the pre-vacation Staycation continues. The days are blurring together, and until I saw more than a dozen people in costume- I hadn't realized it was Halloween. Mom and I got our fitness jam on this morning and then headed to center city to Giwa for some epic Korean eats. I'm sure that there is a super cheap hole-in-the-wall , super-authentic Korean place somewhere in the city, but Giwa was pretty damn good. Mom had the spicy kimchi soup and I had the vegetarian Dol Sot BiBimBop. It was served piping hot in a cast iron pot, with kimchi and pickled cucumbers. In Central America, I have seen FIGHTS go down over the "carruncha", the crispy rice at the bottom of the pot. Well, this dish had the best damn "carruncha" that I've ever had.

After lunch we strolled around and (unfortunately) strolled through anthropologie and lululemon, where I treated myself to a few nice things :) The conversation at lunch had actually been about how when I'm traveling I don't want "things" and I don't feel attached to "things", being completely content with my modest backpack of goods. But being home, I want STUFF. I love "things"...$90 yoga pants? Yes please. 10 of them. Meanwhile, that'd pay for 2 months of a good life in Asia. Ayeyaya. So after spending (too much) money on some of my favorite things in my two favorite stores, I walked down the block and carved into the cement was exactly what I was thinking...

Brooke and I did a yoga class at Dhyana, and then my mom joined us and we had a kickass Mexican meal at Distrito in West Philly. Octopus Ceviche, lobster tacos, tortilla soup, jicama salad, and unbelievable margaritas. Brooke was super stoked on the decor as well, which included a VW beetle that was made into a seating area.

Another great night on our pre-vacation Staycation.

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