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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wise and Stupid, Stay Safe.

Yesterday I said "Fuck It", and ever since then I am just enjoying my time stuck in this hotel. The pillows are epic, the drinks are strong, the company is good and the amenities are awesome....what more do you need? The staff is particularly friendly towards me (more specifically the men), im pretty sure that my big butt and lululemons are in charge of that- and maybe my huge smile doesn't hurt. But that combination got mom and me a huge discount on dinner last night, free water bottles and many admirers and sweet (albeit inappropriate) comments. All joking aside, I'm really concerned about my friends back home...especially those who chose to stay, and for my friends who are fireman who are forced to be in the middle of all this mess. The yellow house being swallowed by the bay is my friend Samantha's, and that was hours and hours before the storm hit and before the tide was high. The second is the Avalon wawa, with still 11' more of tide to come in. And the third is a wave down in cape may. This storm is no joke, and the destruction is something that we will be dealing with for a long time to come.

Another reminder of how fragile life is...of how powerful Mother Nature is....and a reminder that things are just "things" and the only important thing is our health. I am so attached to our home, physically and energetically. Standing in our garage, surrounded by my Dads "things", I feel connected to him. I have felt sick to my stomach thinking of all of the "things" my friends will have lost in the storm. I try to remind myself that if my dads stuff was gone that it would be okay, but fuck--it would suck. Suck suck suck fucking suck.

Everyone please say a prayer for my good friends Chris Paisley and Crit, as they are stuck in the firehouse in Margate around-the-clock. The bulk of the storm may have passed, but the aftermath is just as dangerous. Live wires, fires...the list is endless. Osho always says that there isn't good and bad ideas, there's just Wise and Stupid. Don't be stupid! Stay safe!

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