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Friday, October 5, 2012

Peace in a Cup.

Making notes for Sundays Dinner. Paula Wolferts' "Food of Morocco" is my bible. 
Enjoying soup out of Collettes beautiful mug, soaking up the sun.
Or should I say Peace in a Mug? I find that everything tastes better when enjoyed out of beautiful vessels...I LOATHE paper plates. Even if I'm having a PB&J I will use a proper plate and a cloth napkin. It takes something ordinary and makes it extraordinary.

This mornings class was amazing, a dozen beautiful yoginis who were up for breathing and shouting and meditating. Amazing. After class, the beautiful Collette gifted me one of her mugs (she's a badass potter...check out her stuff @ It is BEAUTIFUL and I appreciate it even more because I took pottery in college and it was the most challenging class of my collegiate career.

After class I had to pick up some produce at Santoris for a 16-dish Moroccan feast that I'm having this weekend. I love that Santoris now has a pretty stellar organic produce selection, so along with my Moroccan goodies I grabbed some organic kale and green collards for lunch.

I wanted to enjoy something delicious out of my new mug, and I wanted to cook up the organic I decided on a soup...

Greens In Soup:
I started by sautéing half an onion, a clove of garlic and a large carrot (all diced) in a soup pot. Just a little bit of EVOO in the pot. As that was cooking down I washed, de-ribbed, and chopped the kale and collards. The kale takes longer to cook, so I threw that in the pot with some cayenne pepper, caraway seeds and fresh thyme-- I covered the pot and let it cook down for about 5 minutes before adding in the collards and some vegetable broth. I don't like much broth in my green soups, it's more about just flavoring the vegetable for me. So I only put a bit.

As my soup was simmering and flavors were coming together I brewed myself some Sweet Love tea from Rebecca's Apothecary in Colorado. Deeeeelicious.

Sitting outside now, scrubbing notes from my upcoming dinner. Enjoying sunshine, sweet love tea and soup...feeling peace in my heart. ❤

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