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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Goodbye Boulder.

Tipping is good for your health : Atlas Purveyors
Laying in the grass, Plane in the sky. 
Burratta on toast with local herbs, tomatoes and olive oil @ The Kitchen. 
Digesting with Cortados @ Ozo. 
Last night was my final evening in Boulder. I started my morning with a Cafe Au Lait @ the Unseen Bean. This coffee shop is owned by a blind man who started roasting coffee out of his house, and now has a successful business, with the most delicious coffee. I mozied around town, read my book, mozied some more...soaking up the sunshine. Made my way down to Atlas Purveyors for some coconut oolong and then laid in the park for a bit and read my book some more. Emily finished up work and  met me at Shine a little after 1pm and we had a pint of their house-brewed Lager. Delicious. The conversation flows, and covers a broad range from family, food, and spirituality. Hungry, we headed to The Kitchen for a fancy and delicious lunch. Emily had the lamb salad, I had a grilled pork baguette, and we split a burratta appetizer and a bottle of Grenache. Everything at The Kitchen is sourced from organic, sustainable farms -- and in most cases everything is local. Good stuff, great service.

We were so full and a bit buzzed, so we walked next door to Ozo for Cortados. It was the first time I ever had a Cortado served in a glass instead of a paper cup - and I loved it!! So delicious. Fueled up and ready to go we went to REBECCAS APOTHECARY: be warned, this place is amazing. I spent over a hundred dollars on teas and herbs, and spent a ton of time talking with the (incredibly) knowledgable staff about lymes disease, joint pain, and candida. It was really eye-opening...I wish that we had a place like this back home....

A few blocks away, and we were at the Bitter Bar. We made it just in time for Happy Hours last call. Two margaritas. Again - the conversation was here, there, and then back again - and insightful and inspiring and full of love.

What to do after a long afternoon of beverages and a now-grumbling-tummy? Hot Dogs, obviously. Again, just a few blocks walk away and we were at MUSTARDS LAST STAND, an ancient institution around these parts. We ate and talked until they kicked us out and then it was home for bed and a movie. Something lighthearted and on the surface: Somethings Gotta Give. We giggled and sighed, it felt every bit like a grade-school sleepover.

Bags are packed and I'm headed to Denver now to meet an old friend for lunch before heading back East. I'm so grateful for my fun times here, and for Emilys amazing hospitality. This was the fuel that I needed to get through the upcoming cold months in Jersey. See you East Coasters soon....

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