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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wodding and Pumpkin Carving.

Lazy morning, free coffee and breakfast from one of the hotel employee admirers, and then lounging in the room with mom. We headed down to the gym around 11 and got our fitness on...boom. Mom rode the bike and did her workout while I had my iPod on full blast, running up and down flights of stairs and trudging through my homemade WOD. I realize that I haven't explained crossfit very much and since I'm sure that you speak less "CrossFit" than I do, I should atleast specify that WOD means "Workout of the Day". The one I created for myself today was:

Warm Up:
*Hold Plank, Forearm Plank, ardha navasana (arms overhead), locust

5 flights of stairs 3x then 20 mountain climbers, twenty jumps from plank to squat and back, 20 alternate knee to elbow
*repeat 3x

Short vinyasa to reconnect with breath, then:

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:
-5 push-ups
-10 sit-ups
-15 air squat

Ended with a Yin series:
Supra baddha konasana, twist R + L, wide knee child's, saddle, headstand. 

Brooke and Tommy picked mom and me up a little before 3pm and we headed to Kraftworks for a late lunch, some harvest brews, and...some pumpkin carving!!! The pub is having a contest and had a pumpkin carving station set up in the back of the restaurant. And even better was that the pumpkin was free!!! It was a super fun time and I'm hoping that Brooke has off tomorrow too so we can play somewhere else in town. 

Laying in bed now, tossing around the idea of heading out on my adventure earlier than expected. The OC zen den was pretty damaged in the storm and it'll be a while before its back up and running. Until then we have our margate studio, but I'm taking it as a sign that maybe I should begin my journey sooner than later. I hear that the hiking is great and crowds are low the month of December in Nepal....
Tommy and Serwatka.

Pumpking Carving Fun.

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