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Friday, October 5, 2012

A few good laughs.

A few good laughs do the soul well. Taught back to back classes and then headed to the Dead Dog for taco night. Bill (the owner/bartender/chef-extraordinaire) made a new hot sauce this week with Biker Billy and Poblano peppers, carrots and fresh herbs. It was outstanding. The bar was full when I arrived but it began to empty out and I was left surrounded by great friends. Megan and Tully, John and Bridget, Megan A and Bill, Timmy Nugent, Johhny DiGenni, Meg McD, and Mark. It had been a sad day for me, so I kept to sipping club soda in an effort to keep the tears at bay, but everyone else was pretty tuned up and my stomach hurts this morning from all of last nights laughter. Mayhem.

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