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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Strawberry Hot Springs!!!

And finally we arrived at our destination!! The healing hot springs at strawberry park in steamboat. It was $10 entrance fee, and I would pay quadruple that if I had to--- it was ammmmazing. There were multiple pools, varying in temperature. The bottoms of pools were sand and pebble, and the air was just crisp and cold enough that it wasn't Too painful to get out and move from pool to pool. We soaked and laughed for several hours before we called it quits, mostly due to pruney hands and feet. As night fell we packed it up, had some pizza in town and then came back to summit and fell quickly to sleep. Life is good.

The Beautiful HotSprings!
Enjoying the healing waters. 
Somehow we scored an epic hot private pool! 
Private Pool, Pruney Fingers. 

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