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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Goodbyes and Guinness.

My dad passed this morning a little after 1am. All of our prayers that gave him strength to live these past two and a half years are what helped him to have the strength to leave. Mom and I sat with him for a while before Joe King came over - his best man, and best friend. We put on some music and then the three of us toasted to him and his beautiful life with an ice cold Guinness. It was a good run, a damn good run.

Captain Paul J. Callahan
8/11/56 - 9/9/2012


  1. Cailin, Jay and I, Kelsea and Ryan are so very sad for your loss. And you're right it was a damn good run!

  2. Grief is, by its nature, unmanageable. The most we can do is respect its might and then ride it, like some towering wave, until it dumps us back on the shore. Barbara Lazear Ascher

  3. Cailin, you and your words and your heart have been a gift to me. I hope you find some peace and comfort in knowing that his struggle is over. Much love and comfort. You will be on my mind. Please ask if you need anything.