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Friday, September 7, 2012


Danielle, Margaret and Dad....the Dream Team.
Edward, Bella and Me. My best friend Julisa lives on the west coast but she  always makes me smile with a twilight cut-out. 
Terri teaching me and Mom how to administer medicine. 
And now we are home. Hospice is all lined up and we are set for Dad to pass in the comfort of his home. Mom and I were taught by the hospice nurse today how to give him his medication and now we are just counting the days. Thank you to the "dream team" (Margaret and Danielle) at HUP for the amazing care that they gave to my father. It is rare that a nurse cries for a patient, and the beautiful truth is that there have been many tears shed for my father at HUP. Thank you again to everyone who offers up their constant love and support. 

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