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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pre-Mission Morning

Atlas Purveyors : that Mayan calendar is CHALK! 
Morning reflections...
"Comfort Coffee" : espresso, steamed milk, vanilla, cinnamon, agave. 
Moe's "Morning After" with coffee. 
Only the Best get Baked. 
Before we left for our adventure, we fueled up. A mission without proper caffeine and food is no bueno, so we started at Atlas Purveyors for coffee. It's Ryan's favorite, probably because they have an epic, endless amount of teas. He had coconut oolong. I opted for the "Comfort Coffee", simply because I was intrigued by the name. It was espresso, steamed milk, a touch of vanilla, cinnamon and agave. Super delicious and super "comforting". I especially loved that it was served in a glass and not a mug, and I loved their coffee sleeves to protect your hands from the heat, which were cloth on the inside and recycled coffee bag on the outside. Also, the chalk art on their chalkboard was unreal. Yes, that artwork is All Chalk!

For breakfast we stopped at the famous Moe's, who's slogan is "Only the Best get Baked". I had the "Morning After" (bacon, egg, cheese and smoked jalapeños) on an everything bagel and some more coffee.

And then we were off, Summit bound so we could scoop up Kelsea (Ryan's sister) and then make it to our ultimate destination, Steamboat....

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