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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Soaking up the Sunshine.

My friends know that "cailins" are a way to bring a smile to my face...
Yesterday Mom. Meg McD, Bridget, Megan Albrecht and I enjoying some sunshine, some cocktails and some quality time together. We decided to have his service at the Whitebrier and we were just testing out the venue. 

Sumner Avenue Love. 
Mikes Seafood. Save A Chicken, Eat *Fried Clams*.

I started off my morning cuddling in bed with my Mom. Then I headed out for my first yoga class in a long time. It felt great to be a student and to practice alongside some very special people, under the guidance of my love, Ari. After class I met friends on Sumner Avenue, my family's beach in Strathmere. The beach was desolate, the waves were small, and the sunshine was bright. It was the most beautiful day and I was grateful for all that came my way. We drank some cold beers (thanks Bridget), practiced inversions in the sand, caught some fun little waves in the line up, and played with the dogs (Paisley, Bailey, Murphy, and Barley) all day long. Sunburned, buzzed, and completely happy - we headed to Mike's Seafood, me and my Dads favorite restaurant, for some food. All the guys there were so sad, offering up kind words, hugs and fried clams. We laughed and reminisced, we drank and ate. Life is good and I am grateful for the days bounty. Love you Dad. 

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