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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tripods and Trash Talking

Jess, Final Day of Yoga. 
Michelle and I, taking in all of the Phillip Askew knowledge....
Phillip, in a crazy fucking headstand.
Erika and Me....smoochie faces, happy girls.
Yesterday was Jess McClanahans last yoga class....her and her husband are moving to maryland this week. Jess has been one of my core yogi's this summer and I'm sad to see her go. But it was an epic final farewell with some crazy rebel yells, kundalini breath work, sweaty vinyasa and a wild dance party to LCD Soundsystems "Dance Yourself Clean". Later that night I went to Philip Askews workshop on back bending and inversions @ the zen den. It was intense and super inspiring. Cried it out during savasana, and was glad to have Erika by my side who held my hand an just gave it a squeeze every once in a while. Thank god for yoga and friends. A perfect cap to the evening was a friends birthday party in Margate where Erika and I (as well as most of the party) had much too much to drink. Laughing, trash talking, and more laughter. Paisley drove us home and tucked us in and now I'm ready to conquer this holiday weekend. Boom.

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