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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Last Day, Lead Climbing.

Last Day, Lead Climbing.

I woke up and already felt defeated. My whole body ached - every muscle, every bone. My fingers were beginning to get irritated and infected. As I attempted to get out of bed, I felt like a 90 year old lady! I made my way to my porch and did about an hour of mellow, restorative yoga. Breathe, stretch, breathe, stretch, breathe, stretch. My breakfasts have been fruit, yogurt and muesli- but this morning I also had scrambled eggs-- protein! Yeeew! TukTuk ride, long walk and them we arrive, at the same place as the day before. Several levels for climbing, and a good 4A to learn how to lead on. My first run up was just Top my instructor had already climbed up, set the line in the anchors, and this was gonna be a piece of cake. Well it took me twice as long as it shouldve, because I was already shaking about the idea of going up this in a few minutes with no safety net! My life depended on me and my ability for the first time instead of my guide! Bah! Shitty climb, but Yong insists that I'm ready to do my Lead Climbing run. "belay on?", "on belay". "climbing?", "climb on". And off I went. Three meters up, attached to nothing. Then I set my first quick draw into an anchor, secured my rope and took a deep breath. Climbed 3 meters more and then set my second quick draw into the anchor, then my rope. One more anchor and then- the top. My arms were shaking, my legs were shaking, my palms were sweating, and I just trusted in my legs to take the final, BIG STEP towards the top anchor. Got it! Secured my safety sling (carabeener) into the top anchor, tied a safety knot, untied my original figure 8, looped it through the top anchor, retied. Untied my safety knot and then came down. Success!! I did it again, in half the time that the first run tool me. Once again we had local food for lunch! My favorite...the roasted tomato, shallot and chili dip, as well as sticky rice, fermented spring onions, a sausage and some little roasted birdies. Mmmm, so delicious. After lunch I decided that I didn't trust my tired body to do more lead climbing runs, so instead I tested myself with a challenging 6A+. First time was a breeze...even Yong commented on how impressed he was. Gave it a second run and this was pathetic. My arms and hands were shot. Made it to the top but it was forced and sloppy. Called it a day around 4pm, did some yoga in the pasture on the way home, and then jumped in the river by my hut when I got back to town.

It's now 8am on tuesday- my first day off from climbing. I'm really missing the climbing today, but my body DEFINITELY needs a break. Moderation, Cailin! This is something that I struggle with. Laying in the hammock on my porch, enjoying the chilly morning. My plans for today: absolutely nothing. One point in time Linda and I are going to ride bikes to the Organic Mulberry Farm for mulberry pancakes, but other than that I don't plan to leave this hammock! Tomorrow we head to the capital, and Saturday I'm of for Indonesia!

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