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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Solo Solo

Settling into this quaint little town and loving it. Every country I've visited has been a completely different experience for me. Cambodia was go go go, do do do, see see see. Thailand was all about the people that I was traveling with; Meesh, Mick, Linda, Ramzi and Dean. Now in Laos I want to be by myself. I really love my 3 Germans: Sina, Phillip and Arthur...but more than anything I just want to relax and fly solo. To start my break I've opted to rent my own room. The past two months I have shared beds and floor space. I have slept in hammocks and in cramped dorms. I've slept 3 to a bed and shared bathrooms with 20 people. Now, in quiet mellow Laos- I want my own bed, my own room, my own space - and I want to do things in my OWN time. This morning It took hours for the 4 of us to navigate a breakfast!! It stressed me out way too much. Let's split up- I'll eat Pho (noodle soup, what the locals have for breakfast) and you guys have our American breakfast. I have NO problem eating alone, but they insisted we eat together. After this fiasco I said that I was going to take some time for myself and id meet up with them later in the day. It was glorious and relaxing. When we met back up we had a great time- snacking and sipping beers along the Mekong. I taught them how to play the Dutch card game SHITHEAD, and now they're hooked. Came back to the guesthouse to do some yoga and now we're about to head out for dinner and boardgames! Two weeks is usually a pretty short time for me- but when I looked at the calendar today it seemed really long!! I even contemplated heading back to Pai to see my friends! Snapped out of it and now trying to make some plans for the upcoming weeks. Wish me luck.

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