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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lovely Luang Prabang

Love love love Luang Prabang. And I love Sina (pronounced Zena). We had such a delightful morning at the market, and an even more lovely leisurely coffee and chat that followed. At the market we had purple rice that was steamed in a banana leaf with coconut milk (1,000kip) and some really outstanding spring-roll-esque things (5,000kip). A large noodle is made FRESH, rolled out onto a plate, then into it they roll a mixture of diced meat, mushrooms and fresh herbs. You top it with crispy fried onions and garlic, crushed peanuts, chilis, and spy sauce. Mmmhmm, they had both me and Sina moaning for me. I'll definitely go back tomorrow for more! I LOVE the outstanding selection of mushrooms that Laos has to offer. After the market we had a Lao coffee (which is like tar!), enjoyed our snacks from the market, and chatted away for a few hours. We covered it all: love, politics, languages, travel, family....the good and the bad. I told her about my plans to spend a few months in New Zealand and India next year- and then do one year in EUROPE. I want to buy a van and just cruise around, staying at the places of friends that I've made over the year- surfing along the coast and occasionally sleeping in the van. Above is a picture of my scribbled itinerary as we assessed the weather and time of year best spent in each country. As always, a loose plan- but Europe is definitely the destination. Hooray!!

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