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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bali Shortboard Day 2

Bali Shortboard Day 2:

...I'm pretty good at this!!! Day two on the shortboard, feeling a bit discouraged even before I got in the water. My first day had not been a success, so I was anxious about how today would pan out. Well, Meesh found a shortcut to Nikko's (the spot we surfed before) which is perfect because otherwise it's a looooong walk in deep sand and hot sun. Then we see the's clean and there is NO ONE OUT. Meesh said that this is the first time she's ever had this in crowded Bali! Hooray! Lucky us!! We stretch and REapply More sunscreen before paddling out into the crystal clear, bright blue ocean. As I'm paddling I'm thinking "fucking hell this sucks! Two months in surfers paradise and I'm going to be floating and flailing like an idiot". Well, I caught a wave right away and I DIDN'T feel like a complete kook. This got me excited. Took another and then another, and with every wave I felt more comfortable and confident. Wow. I'm glad that I decided to give this new obstacle 3 days! I can't wait for tomorrow! On my last wave I even did a floater. Holy hell. Just like riding a bike...

After our surf, I laid out my sarong on the white sand beach. We chatted a bit and took a short power nap. After we rested we packed up the motobike, strapped on the boards, and headed for some late breakfast/ early lunch. My favorite place for this is at a Muslim Warung outside of Nusa Dua that Meesh took me to my first day. For 10,000 I had an iced tea and Nasi Campur (pronounced nah-see cham-poor, and it translates to "rice" and "mixed"). I got a big bowl of white rice and then an array of goodies on top and on the side: fried tempeh, tofu, sweet corn bread, cooked spinach, green beans with sprouts and garlic, curry with chicken and tofu, shrimp chips, and a sausage-esque-thing. And a big bowl of SAMBAL on the side...the BEST sambal in all of Bali. Sambal is chili sauce. It comes in many varieties, and the one that this woman makes is the best. Basically it's plain tomato sauce with heaps of chili peppers and garlic. If you want to make in the US do about 2/3 plain tomato sauce and 1/3 of Srirachas Chili and Garlic mixture. Put it on anything and everything. All of this food for ONE dollar. And that was just mine. Meesh got her own spread as well. When we got back to our beautiful home we showered and then napped....long and hard. It feels so good to be back into a healthy routine of exhausting (but amazing!) physical activity, good food and long naps. Going to hit up the Internet now so Meesh can work, then early to bed.

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