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Sunday, March 13, 2011


Groups: I do not like. I never have. Ever. When I was a kid I was intimidated to hang out with big crowds of little kids. In highschool I LOATHED going to parties. In college I had a very small, close group of 5 friends. Back home in Jersey I dip in and out of varying social circles, but there's not any One "group" that I belong to. I sooooo prefer one on one- I LIVE for one on one. Quality over quantity. I have good friends around the world...I'm almost constantly in the presence of someone, usually just one though- never more than 3. More than 3 people and things become complicated. When you become a group of four then you're too many. Maybe im just too selfish to be in a large group- I'm not happy to follow the leader- I know what I want to do, where I want to eat, and when I want to nap. This morning we wasted hours on debating breakfast. Tonite we had a nice dinner across the river, but there was 7 of us....4 too many. When the bill came it was a complete clusterfuck. I ended up paying thousands and thousands of Kip more than I owed and we were still coming up short. It took 30 minutes to work it out. As we were working out the bill, someone was planning a trip for the waterfall for the next day. Okay- a group at the waterfall...this is fun and pretty difficult to fuck up. Then they start on meeting for breakfast and walking around the market. Oh no no no. Not me. Alarm is set for 6am. I'm doing yoga, sneaking off to have breakfast alone, gonna crack out on some wifi and then get myself a private room. I wish that I liked big groups or felt comfortable in them- but I'm just a social loner...if that makes any sense.

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