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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Easy and Inexpensive.

I'm living on 100,000 rupiah a day...sometimes even less. Thats a little more than $10usd a day-- for food, transport, and beach front accommodation. Yesterday when our moto was on E, it cost us 13,000 to fill it to the brim...that's $1.50!!! And that tank will last us 2 full days of driving all over, checking surf breaks, etc or nearly a week if we just putz around locally. Our room is 70,000 so split is 35,000ea, about $4. Once we move to Lombok it will br even cheaper because the accommodation is freeeeeeeeee!! Meesh has a job at a surf camp there and part of the deal is that she gets an apartment. Lucky me!! So stoked to be able to live on a budget without stressing too much. And lucky me-- Meesh has MASTERED the art of budgeting and knows all of the cheap cheap but wonderful places to go. Hoooray!! We didn't surf this morning. Woke up at 530am...putzed around and didn't see anything stellar. The wind was really heavy today, spurts of rain, Meesh had work to do, and I had a wickkkked sunburn that probably should be given a day of rest. We are at a cafe now enjoying blogging and reading, and Meesh working. Later we head to Kuta for some sunglasses and dinner. Easy living.

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