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Friday, March 25, 2011


I loooooovvveee SKYPE. If it weren't for this amazing way to keep intouch abroad then I certainly wouldn't be away right now. After much pestering, my friend Sarah FINALLY made an account. When you talk Skype to Skype (one account to another), it's free!!! So I can call you from southeast Asia, and we can talk for hours, for free. Because I have an iPhone, I'm also able to Video Skype, which is fabulous and funny. Apparently I'm very animated while video skyping...Sarah took these pictures of me when we were chatting the other day. Christ I'm such a nerd. I'm pretty sure that we were in the midst of gossiping about an exboyfriend or perhaps I was rambling about rock climbing....

If anyone wants to chat, my Skype name is:


It's free to set up and account, free to talk to other Skype accounts, and only 2 cents a minute to call landlines and cell phones. So get on it people, this is the wave of the future!

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