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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Circular Yoga.

I love yoga. I love taking a class, teaching a class, and having my own personal practice. But more than anything, I love practicing yoga in a CIRCLE. I think this is why I loved the Yurt (yoga Swami's) in Encinitas, CA so much. The sense of community is profound, and when you practice in the intimate setting of a circle, it has the ability to break down walls and make the practice more than just physical. In Pai (northern Thailand), I have been taking classes with Bhud, a lovely Thai woman. She teaches on a deck by the river, that just so happens to be laidout in a circle! Brilliant! As we flow through class, the energy that we are creating is just being passed around the circle from one to another. In warrior II you gaze across the circle to find another yogi smiling back at you. It is a safe place in a foreign place- a home away from home. Bhuds two hour classes aren't as physically intense as most- but they are soul satisfying for sure! We begin with 20minutes of breathing exercises (pranayama), followed by the physical practice (asanas), then a LONG delightful savasana >>the best savasana I've EVER had, and then 20minutes of seated meditation. From 10am til noon, it's a great way to start my days.

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