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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Linda is Here!

My favorite Dutch woman is here! Rejoice!! I stood in the rain for one hour yesterday, waiting for her slow boat to arrive. When she stepped off the boat I screamed LINDDDDAAA! bah! So excited. We walked through the cold, pouring rain back to our guesthouse - a new guesthouse, where they don't steal your bicycle. I talked her ear off for the first hour- barely taking a breath. We've only known eachother 2 weeks, and been apart for four days, but I was so excited to see her that I almost burst with joy! I drug her off to the herbal sauna, already laughing because I knew what shed say once we got there. "Fuck! this is HOT!". Hahaha. Oh Linda. She stuck it for a full hour and actually really enjoyed herself, asking if we could return the following day. The skies had opened up, literally dumping buckets. It was freezing cold and we were sopping wet. Linda looks at me and says "what the F is going on?!?" bah. We hail a TukTuk (Whig are quite expensive, and still we are completely saturated by the time we reach the night market for food. Oh well. We shivered our way through our delicious, super inexpensive meals and then decided to head back to the safe dry warm haven of our guesthouse. Split a big Beer Lao with Linda, played some shithead and went to bed early. Hooray, Linda is here!!

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