not all who wander are lost.

Sunday, March 27, 2011



cheaper than laos.
better food than any other country in SE Asia.
kuta bali: insanity.
board purchased....SHORTBOARD.
yep, no longboard. a shortboard. holy christ, its been 10 years. wish me luck.
cell phone purchased....for $30.
meesh: PRICELESS. she knows bali like the back of her hand....
....all the places to eat.
....all the places to surf.
.....everything cheap cheap cheap.
....and how to go about traveling in this country.
amazing place on cliff, overlooking padang padang and Impossibles.
great people at our new great place.
great place = 70,000 indo rupiah a day {$8usd}

feeling a bit homesick.
no internet at new place.
moto bike is necessary in bali, im at meesh's mercy.
missing my mom and dad.
missing linda and MICK.
miss climbing rocks.

taking a deep breath. going to enjoy this new adventure. 2 months to go....

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