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Friday, March 22, 2013

Travel Treats, Calorie Free!

One day I decided that "travel days" are "calorie free" days. I'm not sure when or where I came to this conclusion, but this is probably one of the reasons that I don't totally loathe being in transit. The chaos and uncertainty of the journey is certainly abated with sweets and treats. One of my favorites on the railway and airport "calorie-free" circuit is the FRUIT CAKE and premade chai (so ordering it with "just a little bit of sugar" is out of the question). The fruit cake is basically an Indian version of pound cake, with "fruit" (pulp and artificial coloring). It's freaking delicious, not at all nutritious, and goes straight to my thighs...but it's only eaten on travel days, so it's guilt free! I'm already day-dreaming about the crispy, fried, spicy samosas that I'm going to enjoy once I arrive at the Old Delhi Railway Station....

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