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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Local Eats Love.

Local Eats Love. 

I don't eat at local places because they are super can get fancy meals for a small price here in Asia. But I love the local places because that's where you encounter the heart of a community. And it's where you can taste the flavor of the country for just a few rupees. Once I find my spot, I tend to stick to it...for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My whole approach to travel has changed really in this direction. In the past I thought that to see, experience and understand a country that I had to travel to every inch of it; to eat at many different restaurants, and to do do do. Now, I pick two places, eat at one restaurant and I just "be be be" instead of "do do do". So my trips now consist of lots of sitting and sipping tea, talking with locals, and just walking around one town instead of 10. I spend a lot less time on public transport, and a lot less time packing and unpacking my bag. It's only my third day now at Chhorten Restaurant, but already I'm getting familiar smiles and "namastes" from the locals who frequent this spot for their chai and rotis, and even the stern owner finally gave me a smile today. 

At Chhorten I have had the spring rolls, the momos (dumplings) thepthuk (deeeelicious fresh homemade noodles that are huge, served in a thick salty spicy broth with vegetables), noodles, Tibetan breakfast (2 roti, channa curry and Tibetan tea, which is made with buttermilk), and today I had the Nepali breakfast (scrambled egg, roti, channa curry and Nepali chai, which is just black tea with milk). Oh yeah, and I've had lots and lots and lots of tea here throughout the day. The total I've spent on all of these meals: about $10usd. 

If anyone is passing through Kathmandu I highly recommend this town, and especially this restaurant. It's entrance is directly across the street from the entrance to the Stupa. In the hours that I've spent here I have not seen one foreigner here, so it's about as authentic as it gets. Local Eats Love ❤

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