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Monday, March 4, 2013

Cow Pies

There are cows everywhere in India. Which means that there is a lot of cow shit in India. And though occasionally you'll have close encounters with it, I've been surprised that there's not more of it. Or the thought of "Where does it go? Does it vanish?" pops into my mind a lot. Well today, my questions were answered. I saw a young boy shoveling some up off the ground, running it over to his baby sister...who was squatting, making "cow pies" as fast as her little hands could move. She then lined them up in the sun along the wall to dry. The cow dung is used as fuel, among many other things. It was one of those moments that I felt really grateful for where I was brought a world where making "cow pies" was a joke, messing around in the mud for fun- as opposed to literal cow pies, working hard for a few rupees, at the young age of 6. Another insightful morning in India...

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