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Monday, March 11, 2013

Magic Moments on Mahashivarati

This is my friend Sanhjay, her husband, and her mother-in-law. We met at (surprise surprise) Ganesha cafe. Her and her WHOLE FAMILY came to Rishikesh for MahaShivaRati, a huge huge pilgrimage here in India. She loved my bindi, and as most people from small villages, she hasn't seen many westerners, so she asked me to sit with her and chat. She had a million questions, and giggled when I attempted my broken Hindi. She INSISTED that I share some of their food...I tried to explain my brown rice fast, but eventually I drank a small chai at her request (aka pleading). She just stared until I took a sip, then she grinned from ear to ear. She looked beautiful in her sari, still covered in bangles and henna from her recent wedding. Such a good night and yet another magical moment in India...

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