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Friday, March 22, 2013

Lap of Luxury.

When I told my taxi driver that I was going to the Radisson Blu Plaza, he gave me a sideways look as he proceeded to chew and spit his tobacco. Anyone from the US is always accused of being rich here in India, but even this guy knew that I didn't look rich enough to stay at such a swanky hotel. He asked again where I was going, I repeated myself, he lifted up his eyebrows in (disbelief) (confusion) and then threw my heavy ass rucksack in the back of the car. My arrival here had a similar response...a polite smile which was trying to mask confusion. Mental Picture: no shower, 3 hours of sleep, walk-taxi-train-taxi-transit-extravaganza, a 75 liter backpack with a guitar and yoga mat strapped to the sides and two heavy bags hanging from each arm with my money belt around my waist. A frizzy haired, dirty, backpack-lugging, samosa-eating midget. When I showed them my reservation printout they swiftly took my bags, Charged my credit card and rolled out the red carpet. I was a bit hesitant on this extravagant "extra", and almost changed plans at the last minute, but something encouraged me to embrace a bit of luxury. Now as I sit poolside, eating caramelized onions and camberet on toast and sip an affogato- I know that I made the right choice. I haven't watched Tv or seen a movie since thanksgiving- and not that I really enjoy that, but tonight I have the option to indulge on my huge flat screen tv. There are fresh flowers in my room, and not only is there hot water but there's also a shower head!!! Yipppeeee! They should definitely screen their customers though because I've already shoved all of the complimentary goodies (sugar, tea bags, toothbrush, razor, shower cap, etc) into my already-overstuffed bag and though I was too full to eat the cookies that came with my affogato- I put them in my purse for later. I've gotten some looks from the other richies round here, but I don't mind- because today I am soaking up each and every drop of extravagance! Afterall, my palm says that I'm gonna be rich and that I enjoy nice things...amen to that!

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