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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mountain Time.

Ironic moment: as we are flying into Kathmandu, I'm craning my neck to get a glimpse out the window (im the aisle seat) at the magical Himalayas and the woman who is in the window seat is blind. I don't think it mattered though, because being in their presence is actually a tangible thing, you can feel them. 

Aside from knowing that there's lots of hiking, I know absolutely nothing about Nepal. This thought hit me this morning as I was half asleep, waiting to collect my bag at the carousel. I had no plan, no ambition, and (momentarily) no energy. So, I saw a woman that looked like she'd be nice and I asked her where SHE was going. She mentioned a town that I've never heard of, but I just got a good vibe off her, so I asked if she wouldn't mind if I tagged along. And so, here I am, in Boudha. There's a gorgeous stupa here and some cute cafes and shops. Currently my thought is that I'm moving on tomorrow, 6 hours northwest to Pokhara. Boudha is nice, but there's no water around here- and I realize that this is throwing my whole vibration off. In Sri Lanka I was surfing everyday, in Goa there was the Arabian Sea, in Rishikesh I had the Ganga and now....cement, and not the best view of the Himalayas. So, Pokhara is a town built around a picturesque lake, which reflects the Himalayas that are reaching into the clouds. I'm feeling a bit restless after being sick for those few days, so I'm looking forward to getting back to my regular self practice and taking some classes. I might try my hand at Ayurvedic massage. We'll see how it goes. I also might be up for one of the shorter treks. For now, I'm delirious- typing this with eyes half closed as I sip some fresh lemongrass tea. Badabing, I'm in Nepal and life is good. 

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