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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Reiki Round 2

Dad always likes to remind me that he's around with rocks shaped like hearts. He would always pick them up....
We had some visitors at the waterfall, some local school kids.
Village women, fully clad in saris and bangles, working hard in the field.
Super cute, super friendly water buffalo.
Reiki training, round 2...because two times is better than one!

I loved my Indian teacher for my Reiki training...but we didn't learn much Reiki, and spent most of our time talking about philosophy, pranayama, and God. So, when I met Jason in my Marma Massage course, I decided that I'd do another training. Jason is a Reiki master from England, who spends a fair bit of time here in India. In my massage course he taught me so very much about the chinese meridians, and chinese medicine - along with some reiki pointers, so as soon as the massage course was finished I signed up for a training with him. Him, his girlfriend Allegra, Olga and I met in the morning and spent about two hours hiking up to a waterfall. We walked along a shanti village road, encountering many a friendly locals. While we were walking up towards the waterfall, we did a "walking meditation", which was BRILLIANT and worth the price of admission. Then once we arrived at our destination, I stood underneath the cold water and let it pound down on my crown chakra as I visualized my sushumna, ida and pingala nadis all being cleansed. It was a bit emotional, but powerful and beautiful. Afterwards I sat in meditation as Jason did an "attunement", passing along the energy of HIS masters and opening up the energy lines in my hands. We had done a bit of practice before the attunement - and I was impressed at how hot (energy) my hands got. Well afterwards I could have boiled water with my hands! We hiked back down and had some lunch as he answered any questions that we had. And then, practice. I was able to identify to the two injuries that my client had, which was very exciting. And afterwards she said that she felt a thousand times better. I'm so excited to start incorporating this into my bodywork sessions once I get back home!!! Yeeeww!!!

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