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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Inseparable Oneness.

After getting settled into my hotel I cruised around the Boudha Stupa. It was an emotional afternoon. There's definitely a different energy in the air, which I attribute to the magic of being surrounded by any mountains, but the majesty of the Himalayas is even greater. Then around 4pm it begins. The Nepalese walk around the circle, many times. Some chanting, some doing walking meditations, some are walking and texting, and others are walking hand in hand with their best friend as they gossip about the day (their free hand is holding their mala of course). People are spinning the prayer wheels, which are lined around the stupa. There are also a few large ones which range from being my height to being the size of a small car. They are a part of the meditation, at least that's how I understand. So you walk around, pushing them so they twirl, while chanting Om Mani Padme Hum (which is what's engraved onto them). I don't know if it's the twirling, the chanting, the incense (which is very woodsy and smells like my dad), or just the energy in the air....but it's moving. And so I walk in circles and cry and chant- and that has been all I've done since I've arrived; in the hours that the day moved into darkness, and then for a few hours this morning as the sun rose and the air was crisp. I noticed a heat last night and saw a room full of candles. I shyly made my way over and noticed that it was like a church where you'd light a candle. So I gave my donation to light a candle and on the way in I saw the prayer. The f*ing prayer. So after finally getting a handle over my tears, I began to read...and they began again. In Asia the parents are the highest thing next to Buddha himself. So I lit candles for my mom and this life and in all their future lives may they be able to experience the pure and perfect inseparable oneness. God Bless. 

A Light Offering Prayer By Glorious Atisha Dipamkapa:


May the lamp be equal as vast as the entire billion fold universe.

May the stem(trunk) of the lamp be equal to the King of Mountains Mount .

May the butter be equal to the infinite Ocean.

(Regarding quantity) may there be billions of trillions of lamps in the presence of each and every Buddha.

May the light illuminate the darkness of ignorance of all the sentient beings from the peak of samsara down to the most tortuous hell, whereby they can see directly & clearly all the Buddhas & bodhisattvas of ten directions & their pure lands.


EH MA HO, wonderful, marvelous butter lamps. (1 offer these) beautifully exulted clear and luminous lights to the thousands Buddhas of the fortunate on, to all the Buddhas and bodhisattvas of the infinite pure lands of the ten directions and to all the gurus, deities, dakas, Dakinis, dharma protectors and the assembly of deities of the mandalas.

(Due to the prayer) may my parents and all the sentient beings in this life and in all their future lives, be able to see directly the actual pure lands of the complete and perfect Buddhas and unify with Amitaba Buddha in inseparable oneness.

Due to the power of the truth of the Triple Gem and the assembly of deities of the three roots.

Please bless and may the prayer be swiftly accomplished.

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