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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanks on Thanksgiving.

Once again, I'm overflowing with gratitude. Thanks to yoga, I now incorporate the act of expressing this gratitude during meditation, during my practice, or even just recognizing it in my mind as I lie in bed at night just before bed...every single day. So, on this Thanksgiving holiday I don't feel the need to express gratitude for every thing, big and small, that I am thankful for - because this has become a daily ritual for me (like how grateful I am for Feist's new "Metals" album, or how thankful I am for my amazing friends, and how infinitely grateful I am for the yoga classes that I've been teaching and the people who have joined in...). Today, I am going to focus on just one thing that I am insanely, abundantly grateful for:

I am grateful that my Dad is reading the newspaper.

The man is a fucking walking, talking miracle. With an expiration date long past due, he lives each day with excitement, positivity and acceptance. He'd given up on reading the newspaper - it became difficult, frustrating and confusing. And then just the other day he declared "I'm going to read that damn newspaper!". It takes a little while, but he made his way through it - and read it yet again this morning. And for this - I am filled with gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and remember to count and acknowledge your blessings each and every day...the big AND the small....

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