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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dirt Smoothies.

Jules, Jer and Janice start off their days with dirt smoothies, and since I'm game to try anything I said that I wanted to join the dirt smoothie breakfast club. Not very tasty, but I was running around the house and dancing afterwards- throwing in the occasional karate kick. Shazaaaam, feeling good.

  • 4 huge tablespoons of cacao
    2 huge tablespoons of maca
    2 huge TEAspoons of spirulina
    1/2 cup acai juice
    2 cups water

Put the raw cacao powder, raw maca powder and spirulina into a sifter with a bowl beneath it. Using a spoon push it through the mesh to get any clumps out of the powder. Pour the acai juice into the bowl, then add the water. This, in my humble opinion, is pretty disgusting. But it's ridiculously healthy, and without all of the calories that smoothies usually contain. So, I'd say enjoy- but instead I just say drink to your health :) cheers.

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