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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Time for TWILIGHT!

The most common response that I get when I tell people that I love Twilight, is laughter. All of my friends mock me and have a very difficult time understanding what I see in this story. Well, aside from it being a beautiful love story (yes, it's a love story...not a vampire story), it's also the ultimate fantasy land. Originially, I had refused Twilight, condoning it to be a stupid teen drama. Julisa talked about it incessantly, going on and on about the movies and the books. I laughed at her, just like everyone now laughs at me. How had my beautiful, talented, educated, cultured, well-read friend get pulled in by such a ridiculous story of vampires? Well, the connection that I've made now is that the series is so well written by Meyers, that the fantasy land is enchanting enough for you to get lost in. When Julie discovered the series I think that she needed an escape from life for a bit. And I can say the same for myself. I don't regret one minute that I've spent with my Dad, but seeing someone slowly deteriorate in front of you everyday, someone that you love more than anything in the whole wide world , well - it begins to wear on you. And THAT is when I embarked on this love affair with Twilight. A magical fantasy land to escape to, if only for a few hours each day. (Well, it was more like full day marathons - watching movies 1, 2 and 3 every single day - and having read the series about 4 times through now). Everyone has their addictions, and atleast mine is only a silly love story. There are far worst things to turn to in dark times... SO, tonight I will be attending the premiere with my Best Friend, and the one responsible for making me a goddamn Twi-Hard, Julia. And we will proudly be rocking our Team Edward tshirts with the rest of the insane, adoring twilight fans.

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