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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I'm trying NOT to play favorites...but I really really love my wednesday morning YIN classes. First of all, because I LOVE Yin! It's something that I feel super excited to share with others, and my small, but quality class of amazing yogis are equally as excited to learn more about this passive, but deep and satisfying form of yoga. I also enjoy the group, ranging from 5-8 people, because they are so open to learning about yoga theory...the essence of yoga.

SO: I ramble all the time...hence the term I often use to refer to myself, "Mad Rambler"....and this holds true even in my yoga classes. I ramble from start to finish. I particularly ramble alot when I'm in YIN, because its more of a static practice as opposed to constant moving and flowing. Well, todays ramble was about APARIGRAHA, which means NON-ATTACHMENT. It is one of the Yamas, which is one of the limbs of yoga. For any of you non-yogi's out there, yoga is not just an hour of stretching in a gym - it's more of an all encompassing lifestyle. Afterall, asanas (the body postures) are only ONE of the EIGHT limbs that embody yoga! B.K.S. Iyengar describes Aparigraha as from hoarding or collecting. "By the observance of aparigraha, the yogi makes his life as simple as possible and trains his mind not to feel the loss or lack of anything. Then everything he really needs will come to him by itself at the proper time. The life of an ordinary man is filled with an unending series of disturbances and frustrations and with his reactions to them."

Now, my rambling may seem random, but that is never ever the case. Whatever I choose to discuss in class is always a reflection of something that's going on in my life, something that's been on my mind, etc. etc. Some might think its a touch narcissistic to discuss whats going on in my life, and having it influence my classes...but that's why it's able to be absorbed and understood by the people in my class. Because I'm not just reading from a book, I'm making it relevant and discussing it on a personal level. The personal event that struck up this meditation on detachment was my goddamn ipod. After doing a routine update, all of the content on my ipod was erased, along with my playlists - which I have spent hours and hours and hours constructing. I had a fucking meltdown. I had a FUCKING MELTDOWN. I'm talking tears, profanities, and the tantrum went so far that I even threw my ipod. Yep, it wasn't my finest moment, and I'm not proud of it - but we all have them so I might as well put it out into the open. I walked downstairs to take my Dad for bloodwork, and when he saw me crying he said "What the fuck are you so upset about, I'M the one DYING." Well, shit, that put things into perspective pretty quickly. And as soon as he said that I took a few deep ujjai breaths, tried to focus my thoughts on the importance of detachment, and just reminded myself that it's only music. In the past, an event like this would have ruined not just my day, but probably my whole week. With the aparigraha meditation and some deep breaths, the frustration only last a few minutes. Yes, I lost 5 years worth of music and hours of amazing yoga playlists - it's okay to be upset for a minute, but that's all. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that for every minute you are angry, you lose 60 seconds of happiness. Well, I lost about 300seconds of happiness over some music. Lesson in detachment: check. The only thing worth attaching our emotions to are our friends, our family, and our spiritual & physical well being....everything else, they are just objects. Detach.

So today in class we focused on detachment....from the emotions and sensations that were experienced during postures, because when held for more than 30 seconds (and we're holding for 5minutes!) you're mind begins to identify with anxiety and anger. Once again, it was an outstanding class. The energy in the room was really spectacular and again I was blown away by how fantastic my fellow yogi's are!

Megan McD and Bridget in supported headstands.

Rochelle in her first ever plow pose (or "Snail", as it's referred to in YIN yoga).

Ro, grabbing ahold of her toes!!

After class, Megan McD posted this on my facebook wall and said that it reminded her of me, and of this mornings class. I love it...and wanted to share it with all of you!

Leave the path of death, and follow the path of life. Leave attachment to things and places, and instead enjoy the liberty of detachment. Do not cling to foolish friends, instead rejoice in solitude. Break free from possessions and from desires - from whatever may darken the mind. Attachment to things and to places is spiritual bondage, and leads to darkness. Surrender all attachments, and enjoy the pure light of spiritual freedom. Even in this mortal life you can enjoy eternal nirvana. - Dhammapada

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  1. Miss Callahan, just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you. Kamushka