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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Home, with Herkimer.

I'm home, but I've brought a few things back from Seattle with me. First thing I brought back was "This Guy", compliments of Jer. My Dad finally got his cast off, but he was complaining that he cant bend his pinky finger anymore. I said "No worries Dad, that's how all the cool guys point to themselves...not with their thumbs, but with their pinky fingers." Apparently someone on the show 30 Rock started this, and Jer thought that it was funny - so we pointed to ourselves with pinky fingers the whole time I was in Seattle. Doesn't make much sense? Yeah, I know - you probably had to be there. Anywho - we got Dad pointing to himself with his pinky finger now.

The second thing that I brought home with me was Herkimer coffee....9 pounds of Herkimer coffee to be exact! It is simply the best, (yes I'm sorry, even better that Stumptown). When Julisa was putting in an order for the restaurant, I asked her to order me a bunch as well to last me through these upcoming months. SO delicious. Seattle is known for coffee, but this is the best.

The third thing that I brought home with me were two Heidi Swanson cookbooks, compliments of Dr.J. I love love love Heidis recipes, and found out that several of the epic meals J-Ngan has prepared are from her books. Janice and I had talked about her brilliance and I said that I planned to buy the cookbooks when I got home. Totally unnecessary because Dr.J bought them for me right before I left Seattle!! I can't wait to dive head first into these delicious and nutritious cookbooks -- thanks J!

And last, but CERTAINLY not least -- LISSIE. Big big thanks to Jer who introduced me to Illnois-based musician, Lissie. She is awesome...a big country, a bit folky, a bit rock and roll - and totally awesome. CHECK HER OUT.

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