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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

He Just Keeps Going....

Just making a great day even better was getting good news back from the homefront. Here is mom's latest email update about Dad:

I should have known when the manager at the Farley rest stop comped our coffees that it was going to be a good day.I told her I was the one who wrote the letter praising her employees a few weeks ago. I said they make our trip better every two weeks when we stop there. She saw Paul's patch and figured we were heading to Will's Eye and then I told her our story.Bam! Free Coffee. Mine is called HYPER BEAN. Talk about a wake up cup of Java. I fly to Philly after that.

The MRI took place almost on time. The Avastin treatment got off to a slow start , but then we caught up, and the doctor saw us as scheduled. Adding up our day so far and its already a miracle. But wait, it gets better...

Paul's scan improved again. Not drastically different from the last one, but better. At this stage of the game , no growth is good. To get a reduction is even better. She was thrilled with everything. Like us though ,she is more interested in how he "IS". How he is doing. And she was super pleased with what she saw and heard.

So Paul Callahan, who doubted me when I told him he'd get through last Christmas, is now about to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, birthdays, and anniversaries etc Yes, he is a walking miracle.An absolute Everready Bunny. He just keeps ticking!

We will continue going to Philly every other Tuesday for his Avastin. And we will continue to take Temador once a month for at least 6 more months.He tolerates them well ,and obviously they are doing their job, so why mess with success. He will continue with his supplements, juice and good diet. And we will continue to have the time of our lives.

We won't be getting another MRI for 3 months, so I won't be writing very often unless there is some significant change.We have all been together for a long time now. Let's keep it that way.Please feel free to call , write, stop by,pray and celebrate with us.

We go back to HUP on Thursday to have Paul's cast removed. Thank God! and special thanks to lori King who had dinner and dessert here waiting for us when we got home. Love, Doreen


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