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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Crazy Amazing Cosetta

I would call Cosetta Romani amazing, but that wouldn't be enough, because she is CRAZY AMAZING. Vibrant energy, fully-engaged in life and in the moment, and a nurturing soul. I felt super blessed to be able to be in one of her classes this morning at Spira Yoga (a fabulous new studio in West Seattle), and it was even better because I got to practice alongside my best friend. It's moments like this that I hold on to and keep in my heart - and when I'm having a rough day it's reflections on these moments that make me smile despite the gloom. First of all, we practiced in a circle, which I LOVE. Those of you who have been to my classes know this, because we practice in a half circle. Yoga encourages a sense of community, and I have a hard time feeling connected to someone when my heads up their ass as our mats are stacked. In a circle I can see and feel connected to the people that I'm practicing with. It helps to break down any barriers, and I use that community that we've built for encouragement. Last night at a power yoga class at Be Luminous I wouldn't have dared trying any of the arm balances that were being barked out. But in Cosetta's class...with a little bit of guidance, alot of courage and a little bit of laughter I was able to get into a tricky arm balance that I'd once thought impossible. Cosetta is brilliant at breaking down barriers that we have built within ourselves, and she helps you to fully let go of any inhibitions that are holding you back.

I think that it's fair to say that I travel very often, and yoga is something that I never leave home without. I always have a personal practice, but I've also been really blessed to stumble upon some great yoga studios along the way {chang mai/thailand, hermosa/costa rica, boulder/colorado} and I'm so glad to have happened upon Spira. Well, I guess that I have Julia to thank for that. For anyone who is in the area, or who will ever pass through Seattle, add SPIRA YOGA as a must-stop, and of course - any class of Cosetta's is bound to blow your mind. For more about Cosetta and all of her crazy amazingness check out She will be holding a Trance Dance workshop from 8-10pm this Saturday if anyone lives locally...I hope to make it and let loose my inhibitions. Also, for the schedule at Spira you can check out, which is owned and operated by the equally fabulous , Dora.

namaste my friends !

Cosetta's class this morning was so fabulous I requested that everyone stay so that we could take a quick photo and capture the moment.....

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