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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dr.J's Optometry

A view from the Ferry, looking out at Mt. Rainier.

Took the ferry to visit the optometry practice that Dr.J (Janice) and Jer are buying. It's in Port Orchard, which is about an hour from where they live in Seattle. The ferry ride was beautiful- you could see Mt.Rainier as well as the Olympic mountain range. The air was crisp and cold but gorgeous and refreshing.

Dr. J in front of her soon-to-be Optometry practice.

Janice has been an optometrist for almost 7 years now, but she's decided to take it another step and buy her own practice! Things are in the works, and Dr.J should be in her new office by the new year. It's a big step for J & J, and I'm super excited for them! We had fun getting the "grand tour" and trying on heaps of different glasses. Another amazing say with Jules, Jer and Janice...only dinner tonight and breakfast tomorrow- then I'm headed back east....

Try these on, no - try these on. Hey - try THESE on....

Do I look smart in these? Wow, everything is just a blur...

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