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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dads Current Health Update

Here is the latest update about Dad, that I meant to post along with the other email that she sent the other day:

So let me describe as best I can what state of physical and mental health Paul is in right now.
Headaches-absolutely none.
Hearing-same as it ever was. Its been lousy for years.It hasn't changed , no better, no worse
Vision---same as its been for the past 6 months or so. The field of vision is small,but he can still see the same. The squiggly lines are always there , but for the most part he tries to ignore them.
He MUST wear his eye patch. If he has it off for even a minute or two with both eyes open he gets extremely dizzy.
He does have some dizziness on occasion, but he is aware of it and slows down what he's doing so it doesn't create a problem.
His shoulder is really hurting him. That's not tumor related. It might be because he hurt it when he fell in the driveway getting the paper that day, or else its just an old injury from before, that was masked while he was taking the steroids.
His memory has good days and bad days. Better now then it has been in the past few months.He loses his train of thought now and again.
He is able to read, but writing sometimes gives him a problem.
His "I'll chew my own arm off" because of steroids has slowed way down.He loves every meal, but can wait without discomfort. Dropping the steroid dose has taken some of the swelling away in his face and neck. Its still there but not as bad. His ankle swelling is pretty much a thing of the past.
His weight is still high. He's now carrying an extra 50 pounds.We are going to try to slowly lose some of that. Its going to have to be a reduction of food, because for reasons I will get to, exercise isn't the answer. I will need help with this, because in most cases, I am not with Paul when he's out for breakfast or lunch etc. So all you people who take him out, remind him that he does not need dessert at lunch. He doesn't need the appetizer either. He'll be having a small dessert at night. He doesn't need it twice a day.Getting even 10 pounds off will help, and by just making small changes we should be able to do that. You all want him to be more active and in less pain , so help out will ya. He won't love you less if you don't give him a cookie!!!!
His leg pain is tumor related. The numbness is a direct result of the tumor. Walking more is not going to "make it better" His legs won't get stronger by walking more, it will just hurt him.That is why cutting out the unnecessary calories is so important. We will keep taking short walks and hopefully doing some other upper body exercises.
His hand really bothers him, but hopefully the cast will come off and stay off tomorrow.And the hand will be as good as new.
His spirits are high as always.He never complains about anything. And he laughs more than anyone I know.
And that is the State Of Paul as of Weds. November 16th. later, Doreen

-William Arthur Ward

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