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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Flounder FIshing with the Family.

Today we caught 3 keepers! I was the world champion...catching the FIRST, the BIGGEST and the MOST. I got two, dad got one. Mom didn't luck out with any keepers, but she was steady baiting our hooks and taking the fish off the player! With Dad's patch he has lost his depth perception, so sometimes putting a minnow on a hook is a bit more difficult than it used to be. I've just been a sissy and don't want to put the hooks through the poor little guys mouths. But just when I'm ready to give mom the Team Player award, she hit me in the face...with a fish!! She'd unhooked one of Dad's 15" throwbacks, and with two hands she went to throw it overboard...but didn't quite throw it high enough, and instead wailed me on the side of the head. Hahahahahahaha. She almost pee'd her pants because she was laughing so hard. Then we got a call from Mom's friend, Jan. Her boat broke down. SO, we towed her for a bit, headed back to the dock, and then we went to Mike's Seafood in Sea Isle City (MY FAVORITE REST. EVER) for their amaaaazing fried clam strips. LP met up with us and it was a full family affair. It feels good to have a wonderful afternoon with my outstanding family. There's nothing like fishing, talking shit, and then sharing a good meal with the people you love!!
Our favorite clam strips!!!
LP and Mom

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