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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stop & Search

I was stopped and searched at every.single.airport. Thoroughly searched...the only thing that they didn't do was a friggin cavity search!!! Why? I'm not sure. A blonde haired girl with a smile from ear to ear - in an airport, where everybody is pissed off and pushing their way onto the plane. I guess I stood out a bit and looked like I was up to no good?? Who knows. But they were all bound to check me out. In Taiwan, in Japan, and then in Seattle. I was a stones throw from Julias arms just outside the baggage claim when I was asked to step to the side. I waited for 30minutes before they finally got to me - and then they went through EVERY.SINGLE.BAG. I'm not the most organized packer there were panties everywhere, wet bathingsuits, and 'lady' medicine. After a thorough and somewhat embarrassing search, followed by a MILLION questions - they finally let me go saying that I was clear. What a way to end a 5 month trip and 26 hours worth of traveling.....

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