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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Northwest Food & Friends.

Julisa scooped me up at the airport and into her arms after my loooong journey home from Asia. Despite going nearly 20 hours without sleep, I was ready and raring to go - as Julia knew I would be. We dropped my bags, picked up Gordon, I shed my flight clothes and threw on a nicer getup - and we were off for brunch! The food was absolutely delicious. I, as is my way when in Seattle, ordered a Burger & Fries. The fries were the highlight of brekky...Julia was pretty stoked on them (see photo below), and they were served with homemade ketchup. MmMmMmMm. Julia had fresh, heavenly biscuits topped with sauteed mushrooms in a gravy, and scrambled eggs. Gordon had a turkey club, and we shared a really fantastic grilled vegetable platter. Of course, we washed it all down with a champagne cocktail and some coffee, afterall -- it's not brunch without a little bubbly! Stuffed to the gills, we headed to the farmers market to pick up some local, organic goodies to bring to dinner at Carl and Erin's later that night. Then we headed home and Jules & Gordon putzed in their garden, enjoying the "hot sunny day" (aka, I had a sweater on, and socks, and a blanket wrapped around me!).

Jules, stoked on fries and champagne.
Gordon and Jules, gameplanning their veggie beds...

A few hours to digest, power naps all around, and then we were ready for round 2 of food and booze. We headed to Carl and Erin's. Carl and Erin aren't a couple, but they are a dynamic duo that is entertaining to hang out with and simply to observe!! Carl is...carl. He's a pretty eclectic, random, multi-faceted person...with not a single bad bone in his body, and generosity that is over the top. We aren't sure how old he is, but after years of research and asking around, Erin gathers that Carl's 49 or 50. The asian in him makes guessing his age nearly impossible. So, the age-less Carl owns a big, beautiful home just outside of Columbia City in Seattle. Erin, a young, boisterous traveler has been his roomate for a few years now. She works at La Medusa with Julisa and Gordon, as well as another side job. Living with Carl for next-to-nothing has allowed her to save save save and Carl will tell you that he enjoys the company of his outgoing roomie more than anything. It's a great partnership. Both Carl and Erin are AVID bikers....this is bicycles I'm talking about. But for shits and giggles they will ride to Portland, Oregon and back. Fucking hell! Erin has an enthusiastic addictive personality, and anything that she does she will put her whole heart and soul into. SO, in just a year she has taken her cycling to a whole new level -- investing in all the gear, a coach, and has even begun competing in races...and doing great!! Needless to say, I'm super proud of her. She truly is a go-getter...and I love to be around people like this. They are inspiring. Anyways - Carl and Erin. Not a romantic thing, but a roomate thing. They hosted us for dinner and we all pitched in to make an outrageously delicious, nutritious local meal. Carl had FRESH halibut filets that he did on the grill in a simple salt, pepper, lemon concoction that was absolutely divine. The fish was cooked to perfection - moist, tender, and fresh fresh fresh. We also did some grilled onions and asparagus that had been marinated a bit, grilled baked potatoes and a bread salad. Gordon did the bread salad, and no one could speak - we all just moaned our way through it.

Get a good loaf of bread, slice into 3/4 inch slices. Drizzle with olive and grill. Dice into cubes. Do the same to large scallions: drizzle, grill, dice. In a bowl mix fresh salad greens, bread and scallions. Drizzle with HIGH QUALITY extra virgin olive oil and HIGH QUALITY balsamic vinegar. Salt, Pepp. Enjoy.

First round of drinks was Carl's famous (deadly strong) margaritas, and then we finished the night with white wine.
The Dynamic Duo: Carl and Erin.
Erin, Gordon and Julia...snacking and slavin'.
Fabulous Foodies and Fabulous Friends: Erin, Me and Julisa.

We got home around 11:30pm, and I fell straight to sleep. In the previous two days I had slept only about 5 hours total, so I was wrecked. Jet-lagged and totally confused by the time difference. Well, at half past noon Julisa walked into my room and said "Are you alive??". BAH. Needed that! I felt bad that I missed quality time with my bestie, but sleep was necessary and it was nice that her and Gordon got some quality time together on their day off. We putzed around the house and drank a couple cups of coffee (Julia makes the best! It's the combination of Bialetti espresso and the beans that they use: HERKIMER COFFEE, its the BEST!). Then we got cleaned up and headed out on our expedition: wedding dress. We got to the plaza a bit early so we had to stop into H&M. Well, their bathingsuits were in - and they are GOOD this year. SO, I got a few... You know me, my weakness: coffee and bathingsuits. Yeeeew! We met Erin at a restaurant in the plaza after H&M for a glass of wine. Then we were off to JCREW for wedding dresses. This JCREW is one of the 5 in the country that actually have the wedding dresses at the store. It was supposed to be a "big deal", but the situation was this: a mono-toned college student who lacked enthusiasm, personality and wedding-dress-knowledge put us in a dressing room for the handicapped and said 'holler if ya need me'. Ha. Not quite what we were expecting, but we made it fun none-the-less. There weren't any winners, or even any semi-winners, but the process of elimination is good sometimes by realizing what you DONT want you come closer to knowing what you DO want.

Wine to warm up for the wedding dress excursion....
Miller...trying to figure out whats going on. Where do we sit? Where is the lady? WHERES THE CHAMPAGNE? This was supposed to be a consultation...
Julisa, paying homage to her Dad....
Yeah, no. No, No, and another No.
She'd look beautiful in anything....
Size 12 dresses, had to clip em up....

So, no dress. What now? Food and booze of course!! Janice met up with us and the 4 of us headed to SERIOUS PIE for some seriously outstanding pizza pies, appetizers, and .... wine. Grilled octopus and garbanzo beans, Greens with Caviar and Ham, 3 stupendous pies, a bottle of bubbly rose followed by a bottle of white, finished off with chocolate mousse and americano's. Boom. Get 'er done. Us ladies don't mess around.

Jules, Me and the PIG @ Serious Pie. This photos for you Dad! We love you.

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