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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another Bump in the Road.

So...I touch down in Philadelphia at 4:55pm tomorrow, just in time for the madness of Memorial Day Weekend! Same as every year I am back just in time to work the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the holiday. Called up my boss and she says that she doesn't need me for atleast another two weeks. Really?! I mean...Really?! Nobody likes being dicked around, but whatever...I'm accustomed to rolling with the punches with that place. I've been there 7 years and I don't expect it to change anytime soon. Though I am excited to get back to teaching yoga, I'm a bit anxious because lately my heart just hasn't been there...ever since my Dad got really sick I haven't felt that I have enough to give to my students. The catering is going to be making a big change this year too. Bah. The thought crosses my mind to just say 'screw it' and head to Australia. I'm missing Marny so much already, and its only been a few days. Anyways, I just opened my email to a message from my Mom. They got the results back from the MRI, and it's not great. They didn't give her specific details or information -- they are having a meeting later this week and then they will call her with specifics and their plan of action. SO, all in all, I'm stoked about heading home. I was excited to see my parents before, but now more than ever I feel an urgency to be back home. We have so much to be thankful for...when we thought that ground was crumbling beneath us we were able to have a great thanksgiving together, then a bonus with Christmas. While I was away my parents even renewed their wedding vows....they are happier and stronger than ever. They have had some incredibly difficult physical, emotional and mental obstacles this year...and they have persevered with a positive attitude and a smile on their faces, even during the darkest of times. SO...may not be the best news, but no matter what, as a family, we'll get through it. Mom's the best with words, so this is the email she sent:

Hey old friends, we are back. As many of you know we went to HUP (hospital of university of Pennsylvania) on Friday.Paul had his usual MRI and tonight I heard from my favorite nurse Eileen. She told me that Dr. O'Rourke looked at the MRI and was ADAMANT that we are not to get stressed , but the MRI shows a SLIGHT Progression of the disease. On Thursday the Brain Tumor Conference meets and they will discuss Paul's case. By Thursday night or hopefully Friday they will contact us and tell us what we will be doing. We don't know what course they will take. We are disappointed but not overly surprised. Since the last MRI Paul has had the vision problem , and his leg has also been giving him problems. He still never complains, and we are still very active. He's been fishing, gardening, and getting out and about just fine. He's pretty much of a one event a day guy now. If he fishes then he's done for the day, same with gardening etc. He is napping on some days , but for the most part nothing has changed. He looks great. He feels good ,except for the leg giving him a hard time. Don't worry I will be reporting EVERYTHING truthfully and in a timely fashion. Keep up the prayers and good vibes. And let's all have a GREAT Summer.Paul has his board ready and is hoping to get into the water soon, even if its just to paddle around. Cailin arrives back from her winter travels tomorrow, so we have a lot to be thankful for and excited about. Take care all, love, Doreen

*Here's some pictures from their little gathering at the house when they renewed their vows:

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  1. Home is where the heart is & where you need to be right now.
    Australia...well Marny we know will wait for you.
    Everything crossed for your dad x
    M & family x