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Monday, May 16, 2011

Bye Bye Sumbawa

Sumbawa was pretty good to me. After a week my two travel partners Oscar and B were ready for somewhere new. I too had purchased a ticket back to Bali and was ready for the next adventure, but then last minute decided to forfeit my ticket and stay. Why? Im not too sure. I didn't love the's pretty heavy, and the lineup is super crowded. But I just felt it in my gut that I should stick around for a bit. As you can see from the blog below, I made the right choice. Marny insisted that I move out of Puma and into Aman Gati with him...Aman Gati being the fanciest most expensive place to stay in town. Fresh sheets every day, great breakfasts and a POOL...and Marny of course! Thankfully it wasn't TOO big my following two weeks in town (aside from a few ginormous days), and it was great to surf the Peak with my man. Marny is goofy and I'm regular, so surfing together is a harmonious thing. Marn takes the lefts and I take the rights. We even split the Peak quite often! I swear that when Marny kissed me in the water that I got more waves....everybody is pretty intimidated by him and he sits out the back, so since it was clear we were together nobody messed with me! Yahooo!! We had two surfs a day, and I'd spend the afternoons visiting my friends 100meters down the road at Puma. Then, dinner at Lakey Beach Inn. For 4 weeks straight I had dinner at Lakey Beach all but 2 nights! I love routines and the routine I had in Sumbawa was great. When we left I was sad to say some goodbyes...I became great friends with Sean, Storky, and Shoko -- and leaving them definitely weighed heavy on my heart. But Sean and Stork are Narrabeeners, so I'll be seeing them soon enough in Australia, and Shoko and I already have plans to meet up throughout the year across the globe. Lakey Peak, you were good to gave me great friends, great waves, great food, great memories, and a great man. What more could a girl ask for??

Shoko and Me, having dinner at Lakey Beach Inn.

The whole crew of riff-raff....

Me and Marny, my Kamushka <3

Goodbye Sumbawa!!

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