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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Donut Lady

Donut Lady. One of my favorite women in Sumbawa. She walks around with a huge bucket of fresh made donuts on her head, selling then for 2,000ea or 3 for 5,000rupiah. She always sells out within a few hours, coming around lunchtime and headed home with an empty bucket around 3pm. She has traditional donuts that are round with the hole in the center...plain, chocolate with jimmies, and strawberry with jimmies. But the best ones are the stuffed donuts: chocolate, coconut, and banana. Banana is the best, hands down- and the other two are tied for second place. They aren't too sweet or too doughy, but just right. Also, when she arrives they are still warm. Damn. Life is good. I love you donut lady!!

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  1. HAHA - I love this one. Cant wait to drink wine and chat about your travels! Love youuu